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Escape 2042 ATARI STe/Falcon

The acclaimed action Game from Orion is now available for Atari STe/ and Falcon.

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You like Flashback ? You love Another World ? You swear by Running Man ?

In short you like those old movies and games from the 80's and 90's ? And you are a retrogamer, fan of Atari ST ?

We too ! And we prove it with the publishing of Escape 2042, in box with manual, for your Atari STe/Falcon.

What is it ?

It's a game that has the pleasant aroma of your nostlagia, floppy disk and great hours of our childhood!

You are Shun, a computer engineer, member of a coalition combating a dictatorship regime.

During an operation, you are captured and emprisonned in the deepest floor of Bulor 24, a security prison.

The rest is up to you! Will you escape ? We would not bet about it !

A simple, speedy, addictive game !

Escape 2042 is a fast pace action game. To recover your freedom, you'll have to progress in three levels, each one more dangerous than the previous one : prison, desert and forest.

You'll have to show reflexes, memory and perseverance. The winning trio !

On top of that, will you deal with the bonus shooter game ? You know what you have to do !

ESCAPE 2042 has already proved its worth on Game Boy, Mega Drive/Genesis, Jaguar and PC. All international reviews don't say anything but good about it :

About the Atari STe version , Vintage is the new world comments :

Escape 2042 is a top notch release!

Score :
Graphics : 9
Sound : 9
Gameplay : 9
Overall : 9

[…]a beautiful Atari STe Adventure. Highly recommended and well worth purchasing.

Our Atari STe/Falcon version

Côté Gamers is proud to help the Atari STe to stay alive! In our mind, this cult computer is not often enough in the spotlight.

Today, we try to offer the best, here is what you'll find with our version:

►A big and hight quality cardboard box, 100% in colors◄

►A bilingual manual,  with 25 pages in english and 25 pages in french. This manual shows the making of the game with trivias about its origins, its creative process and even about the 3D figure you can find in the box.

This manual is printed on high quality paper, 130gr, 100% in colors◄

►A 3D printed figure of Shun◄

►The game, on 2 floppy disks. Each disk has its own sticker◄

The player can choose between :

•three languages : english, spanish, french.

•three difficulties : easy, normal, hard.

A password system allows the player to continue his adventure.

Foam wedges protect the inside of the box.